IMG_1968When my oldest son finished pre-school, THE question everyone started talking about was where his or her child would go to Kindergarten. We live in a small town with excellent schools, but as parents talked about the benefits of this or that private school, I began to feel like we were settling, like we were somehow depriving our kids.

Until one glorious winter afternoon—the kind that sparkles with fresh snow and sunshine—when my husband and I were out on a cross-country ski and he asked me a simple question: “If we are going to consider spending thousands of dollars each year on our kids education, how is that money best spent?”

The answer was, literally, as clear as the day. Travel. Travel the world; expose them to different cultures, people and experiences that would expand their worldview and help them to define their role on this planet. Broaden their understanding of diversity and compassion through authentic experiences. Teach them the value of collecting experiences over possessions. Plus, we both thought it would be a lot more fun to plan a family adventure than it would be to write a tuition check.

That decision has been a guiding factor for our family. It has moved us off the beaten path and toward an intentional kind of travel that has us all saving pennies and dreaming of where to go next. Of course, not every adventure requires a plane ticket. There are plenty of experiences right out the front door. Adventure Travel Mom is about finding family adventures near and far that are athletic and authentic, educational and inspirational. Enjoy!

About Me

When I’m not on an adventure with my kids, I’m home in Stowe, Vermont working from my home office as a PR consultant. I’ve worked with many clients in the travel industry– including the Vermont Department of Tourism, The Woodstock Inn & Resort, Basin Harbor Club, Stowe Area Association, The Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival, and Peaks N’ Swells Surf Camps.  I’m not a hardcore athlete of any kind, but enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing, surfing, hiking, yoga, great swimming holes, and trying new things (skinning, back-country skiing, and stand-up paddle boarding are on the list).

I’m also an ambassador for Carve Designs, and a contributor to Ski Vermont’s All Mountain Mamas blog and the Vermont Mountain Moms blog. Adventure Travel Mom guest blogs have appeared on the Lonely Planet, Active Travels, Ciao Bambino, and Mother of All Trips.


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