Packing for a spring surf trip? 6 great pieces from Carve Designs!

I’ve been working with Carve Designs for a couple of years now, and I think the Spring 2016 line is the best yet. Not only are the prints awesome, but owners Jen and Thayer have really dialed in a great fit and cut for active women, which is not surprising since they are active women who authentically live the lifestyle of their brand. Their inspiration– “a love of surf and effortless style.” Yes please! I love that so many of the spring suits can be mixed and matched within the line too. Play around with the new bikini finder on the website and you’ll see what I mean. I put a few of my favorite pieces to the test while in Costa Rica last November…here are a few of my top picks!

  1. The Catalina Top. This is my go-to surf top for a couple of reasons. First, I do not like having a tie around my neck while I’m surfing. The Catalina has a super comfortable Y back, so no strain on the neck. Second, there are no adjustments to be made or ties to come undone in the water– I mean, really, that’s the last thing I need to worry about when I’m trying to get up on a wave! It was also pretty good when the tide came up and we had to wade our way back to camp! catalina 2
  2. Bolinas Bottom. New this spring and possibly a replacement to my reigning favorite, the Cardiff bottom. (Well, maybe it’s a tie. I do still love the Cardiff.) The Bolinas is boy short-ish, but not a boy short. It has a little more coverage than the Cardiff and sits low on the hip. The Cardiff on the other hand is more your classic bikini, but with nice detailing at the hip and a surf-inspired fit that won’t come off in the waves.bolinas
  3. Island Top. Another new design for this spring, the Island Top has a beautiful, strappy back and, like the Catalina, meets my requirements of no tie around the neck and no adjusting in the water. Although, truth be told, I usually saved this top to change into after a surf session– it’s too pretty to cover up with a rashgaurd!
  4. Tidal Rashgaurd. Speaking of rashgaurds…being fair skinned (and from Vermont) I’m a big fan of the long sleeved rashgaurd for warm weather surf trips. This one has a slightly higher neck, which I liked because the neckline doesn’t sag in the water. And the detailing at the cuff is fun! I also really like the Belles rashguard. The cap sleeves mean less sun protection overall, but I found myself more inclined to keep the Belles on pre- and post-surf (vs. the long sleeve) so maybe it all evens out. tidal
  5. bellesOahu Short. I was skeptical about corduroy shorts thinking they would be too hot for a summer day, but these are light and so very comfortable. I love them! I just ordered a second pair since I lived in them last summer. They’re not too short, not too heavy, not too anything…they’re just right.oahu

6. Montauk Dress. Consider this your LBSD (little black surf dress). I love an great dress that works in just about any situation and the Montauk is just that– post surf lunch, nice dinner out, traveling…I’ve yet to find a situation where this dress didn’t fit the bill. I even wore it on New Year’s Eve in the Bahamas!


And now for the best part…all of you wonderful readers of Adventure Travel Mom get 20% off your order at Carve Designs! Just use this code at checkout to redeem: CDAVTM2016.  Let me know what you get, what you love, where you’re going!


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