Gratitude for Yoga

IMG_1521 - Version 2Just this once, I’m going to break my personal rule of never posting anything about the weather or sick kids in order to adequately express gratitude for my friend Dagmar Spremberg and her wonderful yoga videos. My youngest has missed 20 days of school this year due to mysterious stomachaches, which means I’ve been home a lot this winter. In between calls to the doctor and canceling work meetings, Dagmar’s yoga videos have provided 40 minutes of peace that somehow leaves me both energized and relaxed.

I met Dagmar at Peaks N’ Swells a few years ago, and have practiced with her in person on the three occasions I’ve been to Costa Rica.  The rest of the time, I’m in my basement listening to TV Dagmar walk me through various poses. If I crank the heat in the basement, close my eyes, and listen to the sound of the waves and birds, I can almost believe I’m back in Montezuma. But not quite. Her video would be a world-wide phenomena if it could truly replicate the experience of doing yoga in the warm tropical air with waves crashing in the background. But, I live in Vermont and I’ll take what I can get.

I have both of her videos, for a total of 4 practices of varying length– morning opening, afternoon grounding, a short sunrise practice, and a recorded live class. There is enough variation that I haven’t gotten bored of them yet. If you’re lucky enough to be in Montezuma, wander over to her studio for a really special, open air class. If not, her videos are for sale on her website. Namaste.

Montezuma Yoga Video Trailer

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