Cooling off at Elephant Rock

It’s REALLY hot today, so I’m going to share with you one of my favorite spots to cool off with the kids: Elephant Rock. Like most special places in the world, Elephant Rock is not super easy to get to. You have to work a little bit. But I promise it’s worth it. It’s in the middle of the Waterbury Reservoir, so you’ll need to bring or rent kayaks or SUP’s. The Reservoir is accessed through Waterbury Center State Park, and you can rent from Umiak right there at the beach. You might be tempted to hang out at the beach, which is lovely but sometimes crowded (especially on a hot day), but if you’re up for a little adventure, I highly recommend heading out on the water to Elephant Rock.

elephant rock

With kids, it will take you about 20-30 minutes. Once you get there, you can pull your SUP or Kayak right up onto the flat part of the rock, and then spend the afternoon jumping and sliding off Elephant Rock, and swimming in the cool, deep, refreshing water of the Reservoir. Sound heavenly? It is. The kids almost always wear themselves out on the rock, so I usually pack a few snacks in a waterproof bag so we can recharge before heading back to the beach.

Stay cool!

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